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Deadly Wheels: Ultimate Zombie Proof Wheelchair

This bad ass post is dedicated to one of our loyal reader Andy Taylor (you can check out his Blog here).  He did not waste anytime to ask the hard questions. He is already on top of his game. Well Andy, this is for you!


In doing some research we found out that there is some bad ass solutions for mobility on the market. Listed below is some actual chairs we have found with the websites to purchase them as well.






5 Incredible Chairs

You don’t have to be a trained mechanic to zombify your vehicle, weather it is your car, truck or Hell even if it is your wheelchair! All it takes is a little bit of time, basic tools and materials that you can find just about anywhere to turn a normal production vehicle into a high speed workhorse ready to tackle your driving adventures.

Tires or Tracks

The first thing to do is to make sure your chair has heavy duty tires. If you can switch you tires to a track then this is the best option. It can be best described as a mini-tank. This way getting jammed on on something is nearly impossible. If you have to have tires I would go with a home-made sureflat.

Here’s how to do it (this is great for any tires by the way…mower, wagon, wheelbarrow, etc):

  1. Purchase at least two cans of minimal expanding rigid foam.
  2. Jack up the chair.
  3. Drill a hole just large enough for the canned foam’s spray tube. I turned the tire/wheel assembly so the valve stem was at the top, and then drilled the hole in the center tread of the tire itself. I removed the valve stem insert as well.
  4. Insert the tube into the tire and spray the foam into the tire. Watch for foam to start exiting the valve stem area; the foam will just have about filled the tire by that time. This also allows any air in the tire to exit. Replace the valve stem insert and cap to keep the foam from exiting.
  5. Keep filling the tire. Do this until the foam starts to exit the hole you drilled.
  6. Allow the foam-filled tire to remain jacked up for a few days to make sure the foam has cured.

After a couple of uses, the tire softened up some and started to get a flat spot when it sat for a few days. To remedy that, I added more foam.

Even if I have to do this a few times, eventually I think the foam will be compressed to a certain point where it will not compress anymore. If you don’t want to do all this, there are tire shops that will fill tires for you.

Or you can go the badass way and get yourself a track. This is basically an all-terrain vehicle. Now many have a price-tag…but seriously would you rather be alive or the living dead? Check out these actual awesome chairs.

52746715-1e7d-4d84-a044-8cc895ce924d 04_zombie-Apocalypse-ATV-Wheelchair


I recommend Surefire Lights. Mount them on your rails or on the back of your seat. What do you get for an electronics junkie who has everything? You might consider getting this flashlight. It has the highest light power for the smallest flashlight body that I’ve seen.

It has two light settings which I have termed medium and awesome: The “Medium” throws a beam of 15 lumens for 47 hours. The “Awesome” throws a beam of 200 lumens for 2 hours.

The light turns on two ways -one is the button on the back. It is not a “click on/click off” button that you might be used to. It is a “push in and the light turns on, and take your finger off of the back and the light turns off” button. Push it in halfway and the medium beam comes on and push it in all the way and the awesome beam turns on. Let go and it goes dark immediately. At first I thought, well, that is interesting, but what if I want it to stay on permanently? No worries -it has a second method of turning the light on -just twist the end like a “mag-lite” and after a full twist the medium beam comes on, and after another half twist the awesome beam comes on. Now it’ll stay on as long as you like.

Unlike most of the cheaper LED lights that I’ve bought in the past, this light is very high quality -it is as solid as a brick and is made fully of anodized aluminum -no cheap plastic here! It is no surprise that you often hear the words “professional”, and “tactical” when reading about this light. These Surefire lights are often used by military, hunters, aviators, and law enforcement. It is the type of light you see on TV detective shows all the time, where the main character holds the light up and pushes the button on the back with a thumb, illuminating the darkest areas in whatever scene they are in. It is the kind of light which I would feel safe having while walking at night, because if I shone this in someone’s eyes it would definitely blind them.

This is the perfect light to take out with you walking at night, as it will fit perfectly in a pocket, and give you a measure of comfort knowing that you’ll be able to see really far away when you need to, or to blind someone or scare them if they begin stalking or attacking you.

The Surefire brand is made in America and excepting the batteries and the LED, if you register the flashlight there is a lifetime warranty.

It also comes with a lanyard so if you are doing something where you don’t have easy access to your pockets, you can just hang the light from your neck. (The lanyard, by the way, is a “break-away” lanyard. If you get it caught on something, and if you pull hard enough, the lanyard will break away -to prevent choking- and it is a simple activity to get it hooked back up again.)

By the way, you can also buy red and blue lens covers, if you wanted to change the white beam to a red or blue beam. I don’t have them but I imagine they would be very useful in night vision situations. Use high intensity lumen lights if you are not on board with Surfire.

Dr_Strangelove_chair,_B-52_chair_with_Propane_oxygen_machine_guns_on_rotating_turret Minigun-Wheelchair-3


This topic is purely up to the reader. Whatever you can get your hands on as far as protection in an all out Zombie Apocalypse is for the better. When push comes to shove it is going to be everyman for himself. I recommend high firepower and lots of it.


Always be aware of your surroundings. Always plan your trips. Travel in groups and for goodness sakes avoid the high traffic areas of the undead! These few precautions should dramatically prolong the your life. The more time that you have available, obviously the better you can prepare your vehicle for rough terrain, heavy loads or aggressive driving. Simply by going through these checks, you also make yourself more familiar with the vehicle and aware of its weak points, which will allow you to change your driving style and decisions accordingly. Good luck out there and keep it on the road.

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