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Camp Like A Champ: 9 Tips

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These 9 Tips for camping are sure to have you camping like a champ!

Camping is the excitement time for family to enjoy the fun and relaxation naturally. These camping tips will help you whether you are a new camper or a camping veteran. Good advice and tips for camping always come in handy. This article offers some good and unique advice about camping basics, step-by-step how-to’s, and lots of tips for camping suggested by fellow campers. Here they are:

Tip #1. Select Campsite

When choosing the site for camping, First and for most, make sure there are no Zombies. After that you need to beware of the widow makers because dead trees could fall down instantly and ruin your camping trip. Even, it can threaten your life. Downed limbs as well as debris around the site might be a good indicator of upcoming things.

There are many camp ground which have fire pits and picnic tables. So, you had better choose campsites with healthy tree cover that can be helpful for you in the rain.

Also, you should pay attention to the wind direction. I am sure that you do not want to be sucking down by others’ camp fire smoke throughout the day. The site with upwind will be your best choice.

The site you choose should not be covered by a lot of trees because they might block some of the early sunshine. The sunset is actually a nice view, so you should not miss it.


Tip #2. Shelter

The shelter will be your safe haven in any campground. Obviously, it will be where you are going to lie on each night and where you are going to retreat during bad weather. In other words, this is the home base for you in the camping adventure; thus, comfort should be place in the top of priorities. Make sure that your own shelter will give you a comfortable experience.

It is not necessary to be a big tent. Just choose the tent size that fits your demands. Do not go overbroad because a large tent might take from you much effort than smaller does. The tents with double doors could be an actual plus. Less gear in the tent will allow you to have more space for movement. Additionally, the shelter might be a hammock which supplies a unique option for solo campers. Hammocks could also be efficient to reduce the footprint or where room is limited.

In terms of materials, a sleeping bag filled with synthetic fiber will dry faster that one stuffed with down, and also, it is non-allergenic. Yet, a goose-feather sleeping bag is easier for campers to carry because it is lightweight.


Tip #3. Fire

A good camp fire is considered as the most comfortableness to campers after a long day on the trail. Planning the fires, especially the wood and tools for sustaining a good rager might give campers trouble. Fire starters are a great thing to have handy. Here is a great kit and it is inexpensive. Too little or too much are also not good. Here are some tips for you to have good camp fire:

  • You had better know your burn rate. With 12-14 logs, you will have enough wood to cook dinner and fuel a moderate fire until mid night.
  • Dry and lighter wood will burn more quickly than hard woods
  • Prepare enough additional wood for any contingencies.
  • Camping in cold climate means that you might stoke a fire throughout the day and also most of the night. The key point here is counting logs and knowing how long a stack will last you.


Tip #4. Prepare The Essentials

A list of tips for camping will not be accomplished without mentioning water and food. No mater you camping trip is mini adventures, like canoeing or hiking, or just kicking back in your RV, food and water are indispensable.

With the food, the rule of thumb is to take just what is essential to cook meals. By this way, you will just pack and transport what you need to prepare your meals. For instance, if you are going to camp with a small group, then bringing two cups of quick cook oats will be better than an entire 48-serving canister of oatmeal. Chop the ingredients, dice them, and measure or mix what you could do right from the comfort of your home Make some notes to regulate various recipes so that you will not feel boring with the meals. Make use of sealed plastic bags to mix food. By preparing ingredients at home, you will make your mealtime much easier and quicker.

To prepare healthy meals for a perfect camping trip, you can refer the guide of meals plan for cleansing bodyand quick recipes for healthy cooking plan.

Keep in mind that you prepare clean water unless you have to find a spring or a tap water which is safe to drink from. Or, you can run the water you find via a filter or boil that for at least 10 minutes. When it comes to prepare water storage, you can use collapsable water bottles which are available in various forms, containing travel mugs, squeeze bottles, and insulated stainless steel forms. Another option is water bags. There are a lot of water bags you can choose, but the main design is the same for most. They could fit into a pack, be hung from a tree branch, and be left on a table. Moreover, water bags are not expensive for everyone to take advantage.

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5. Start A Fire Easily

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